Robert Cohen: In black and white


"It is easy to hear what all the fuss is about. He plays like a God".
New York Stereo Review

"The ideal partner for a composer is an interpreter who not only plays what's indicated, but also discovers what is meant... Such a musician one normally finds in a composer's dreams. Only a few of them one finds in reality, and providing one has the privilege to work with such a magician one experiences that composing makes sense. One of these big, rare and lucky chances of mine and my cello Concerto's life is Robert Cohen".
HK Gruber on their recent collaboration released by BIS just before Christmas.

"An individual, and an exceptionally gifted one".
Washington Post

"Robert Cohen has a feeling for Elgar...which raises him to the level of the greatest".
Diapason. France

"Lovers of fine string playing should drop everything".
The Guardian

"The musicianship of Robert Cohen has got the same almost scary magical presence of Jacqueline Du Pré at her best".
Helsinki Sanomat

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