Haydn to Haydn

Robert Cohen conducts & directs Orquesta Sinfónica de Murcia
Cello Concerto in D, Symphony No.45
Cello Concerto in C 

The Fabulous Robert Cohen. The two concertos served to demonstrate Robert Cohen’s fantastic interpretative superiority. The whole programme had an interpretation of the highest quality, thanks to the skill of the British cellist. The magnificent art of Cohen gave ideal impetus to the stimulating and disciplined performance in a repertoire which for him, held no secrets. He was able to play on a point of maximum virtuosity and from a personal and emotional level in which elegance, conjuring, style and brilliance came together in such a heartfelt way that the applause was interminable. The artist received this applause and acknowledged his accompanists with a gesture of humility, which elevated even more the tone of magnificence of this consummate performer.

La Sociadad

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