Final concert with Fine Arts Quartet

28 January 2018

I never anticipated becoming a member of a string quartet, but a call from Ralph Evans, first violin of the  Fine Arts Quartet, the day after my father died in January 2011, opened a new page on my life. (My father adored to play quartets at home every week after he retired from performing publicly. He did this until he was 91).

It has been a very emotional final week here in Milwaukee, but I’m very happy and excited to be immediately resuming my solo career and to be continue collaborating with my dear colleague Juan-Miguel Hernandez, (Fine Arts Quartet violist, who is also leaveing the quartet) in lots of upcoming events.

I wish Ralph Evans and Fima Boico much happiness and music making with their new FAQ colleagues Gil Sharon and Niklas Schmidt.
Dear friends in Milwaukee, I will miss you, but we’ll always be in touch…"     

Robert Cohen