Through detailed explanation of the learning process, Robert Cohen’s motivational guidance leads musicians to deeper understanding and a higher level of accomplishment. 

There are various opportunities to see the lectures this year, including three courses this summer. Take a look in the diary for more!

Robert gives these lectures as a series or individually:

  1. Practising - Structured, productive and satisfying.

    “Practising well is a Life Skill. It is the Art of Learning”.

    Robert Cohen explains how to be time efficient and highly productive, to find great enjoyment and satisfaction in your daily work. It is a path to confidence and fulfilment.

  2. Sound - Techniques for our language.

    ”As artists, we must intimately understand what sound is, the source of the sound, and how best we can adapt it to wonderfully communicate music.”

    Robert Cohen explains the physics of sound and the skills for producing infinite colours, power and beauty in the concert hall.

  3. Vibrato and Staccato - Techniques for complete control and flexibility.

    ”Vibrato is the adaptation of the sound we produce with our bow. Vibrato is our way to bring beauty, excitement and atmosphere to our sound.”

    Robert Cohen explains the fundamental movements for vibrato, the techniques for controlling size, speed and continuity, while avoiding tension and how we use vibrato to enhance our musical intentions.

    “Staccato is the way we super-articulate. Whether it is in the voice, on a wind instrument or using the bow.”

    Robert Cohen explains the physics of the bow and the techniques for control of staccato speed, volume and clarity, and for avoiding tension and fatigue.

  4. Memorising Music - The five fundamentals.

    ”Have you experienced a sudden panic, a split second of not remembering what happens next? Did you find it terrifying?
    Memorising is crucial to every moment in the learning process. Performing from memory requires a deep understanding of how we memorise.”

    For the purposes of speed of learning and for performing from memory with confidence and freedom, Robert sets out his clear and comprehensive system for memorising music.

  5. Performing Anxieties - How to deal with stage fright.

    "Whether it's a concert or an audition, whether it's a sporting event or a speech at a wedding, performing anxieties can affect us all, not only on the stage, but in the lead-up.”

    Robert Cohen focuses on defining aims, building confidence, taking advantage of Adrenalin, physical and mental attitudes, food and energy management, concentration, and ultimately, how to arrive in ‘the zone’ for a free, focused, positive and creative performance.

  6. Music and Time.

    ”The basis of human time, like music, is governed by our heart beat.”

    Robert discusses how to control the flow of music through time, timing and co-ordination between left and right hands, flexibility of time, time in silence, personal timing and much more.

Coming soon will be a lecture focusing on chamber music; the relationship of the different voices, composers’ attitudes, practical methods for studying, successful collaboration and performing skills.