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Tampere Chamber Music Festival

19 Jan 2017

Piano Laboratory, Hämeenpuisto 28
Clinic / worshop with Heini Kärkkäinen, Robert Cohen, Satu Palo.

19:00 Tampere Hall Congress and Concert Centre
MOVEMENT, dance-breath-energy
Ravel: Sonate / Pensola, Cohen
Rahmaninov: Symphonic Dances op.45 for two pianos / Kärkkäinen, Gröndahl, Tervamäki
Piazzolla: Etude nr 3 / Mitchell
Jukka Perko: Hetken soitto /Perko, Saari, Tervamäki
Franck: Piano Quintet / Mitchell, Szilvay, Gotlibovich, Cohen, Kärkkäinen

20 Jan 2017

19:00 Tampere Hall, Conference and Concert Hall
TONE / TIMBRE, touching, healing.
Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, Christopher Seaman, Robert Cohen
Tchaikovsky Polonaise from the Opera Jevgeni Onegin Antonin
Dvořàk: Cello Concerto in B minor
Edward Elgar: Symphony nr 1

21 Jan 2017

10:00-12:00 Music Academy, Pyynikki Hall, Pyynikintori
Chamber Music Masterclass, Robert Cohen

14:00-16:00 Music Academy, Pyynikki Hall, PyynikintoriPublic
Lecture in English
Docent of Child psychiatry Jari Sinkkonen and Robert Cohen. Including discussions about Memorizing music – performing anxieties – ego culture. 

21 Jan 2017

19:00 Music Academy, Pyynikki Hall, PyynikintoriPublic
WARMTH - passion-colours
Brahms: Piano Quartet c nr 3 op. 60, Szilvay, Gotlibovich, Lehto, Gröndahl Brahms: Piano Quartet g nr 1 op.25, Pensola, Gotlivovich, Cohen, Gröndahl Brahms: Piano Quartet A nr 2 op.26, Mitchell, Gotlibovich, Cohen, Kärkkäinen

22 Jan 2017

12:00 Music Academy, Pyynikki Hall, PyynikintoriPublic

PEACE - roots-senses-beauty
Kodály: Duo for violin and cello op.7, Szilvay, Cohen
Bach: Sarabande from the Solo cello Suite nr 4 E flat, Cohen
Debussy: String Quartet g, Mitchell, Pensola, Gotlibovich, Cohen, Tervamäki
Sérgio Assad – arr. Gotlibovich: Menino, Gotlibovich, Kärkkäinen


Earlier Event: January 13