Cello Clinic

A unique personal service giving musicians access to in-depth, confidential and specialised help from one of the world’s leading soloists.



With a distinguished international career as a performer, teacher and communicator, Robert Cohen has set up Cello Clinic to help musicians with a wide spectrum of problems.

Cohen resolves problems ranging from the nerves of an aspiring young musician to painful physical issues developed over time, afflicting established members of the profession.

Practical, structured and enlightened advice, designed for all musicians, not only cellists.



How Can Cello Clinic Help You?

Robert Cohen combines acute diagnostic skills with an intuitive, methodical and holistic approach. Working with the principles and fundamentals that have been the backbone of his own methods for healthy, free and natural music-making, he assesses his client's situation and develops tailor-made solutions.



Robert explains:

Although I am principally a performing musician and teacher, I have always had a particular interest in alleviating musicians’ problems. For a long time, I’ve been aware that musicians have had nowhere to go to get an accurate diagnosis of the true, root causes of their playing and performing difficulties. There are plenty of excellent books, articles, organisations and specialists dealing with generic problems, but many musicians need a personal service that can resolve their specific issues.

I have had twenty-five fascinating years researching and focusing on the detailed processes that musicians must go through to cope well with playing and performing. I have developed methods to quickly identify chronic or acute problems and accurately guide students and colleagues to good practices and positive physical and psychological techniques.



Do you..

• have pain when playing?
• suffer from Tendonitis?
• know the root of your stress and tension?
• suffer badly from stage fright?

Two Case Studies:

Amanda, a professional cellist, was suffering from severe pain in her left hand when playing which rendered her completely unable to play. Her doctor and osteopath found no physical problems. Pain relief medicine was prescribed, however this was not effective when she tried to play. At her Cello Clinic appointment, Robert listened to a complete explanation of her situation and history and watched and listened while she tried to play. He diagnosed some small but unhealthy twisting actions in her hand and wrist. Cohen explained her problem, made crucial but subtle corrections to her positioning and guided her through a series of fundamental movements and exercises designed for her particular physique. She was then able to make her first steps in pain-free playing. Within three weeks, she was playing completely free of pain and began work again. 

In October 2008, a young violinist came to Cohen having pulled out of two auditions, minutes before he was due to play. He had suffered from severe nerves and was having complete mental blanks about the musical details he was to play - a form of panic attack. Cohen took him through a comprehensive memorising method and gave him a structured process to be used as preparation for high-stress situations. He called Robert six weeks later to say that he had given another audition and this time all had gone well; he had kept calm, focused and energised throughout.

The Practicalities

Consultations are held in North London, or internationally by appointment.

First Consultation £85
Subsequent appointments £75

For further information please contact info@celloclinic.com